Raise your hand if you’ve over-plucked your brows in the past 🙈

Or maybe you’ve been struggling with thinning eyebrows as you’ve gotten older.

Now, you’re spending way too much time and energy looking for the best brow pencil to give you a natural-looking, full brow, only to be left disappointed. 😔

Listen, love – you need to ditch the daily time-sick of trying to make those brows look like “twins” or even “sisters” and leave it to Harlow!

Our Henna Brow services give you fuller, thicker-looking brows customized to match your hair and skin tone. The results last 1-2 weeks on the skin and 4-5 weeks in the hair.

The best part? The ingredients are natural and plant-based! 🙌🏼

Book our Henna Brow service today to:

🔥 Fill in sparse brows

🔥 Add color and depth in-between microblading sessions

🔥 Give yourself more symmetrical, even brows

🔥 Save time getting ready

Head to our link in bio to get your brows “on fleek” (do the kids still say that? 😅)

OK – now serious question…what do you think of the thin brow trend that’s popping up everywhere? Team #thinbrows or team #fullbrows? Let us know and contact us today!

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